Oct 27, 2011

Go Konoha!

Another old drawing that was on Deviantart...but they thought he had something wrong ... Well, what can I do? It is their head. I can only place here. Sorry my english, guys.
PT= " Outro desenho antigo que estava no Deviantart, mas eles acharam que ele tinha alguma coisa de errado...Bem, o que eu posso fazer? É a cabeça deles, só me resta postar aqui."

Oct 23, 2011

Warrior of Konoha

Commission from  :iconjupmod:
This work was done before the WARRIOR OF SUNA and i am sending now because I had problems with that image in Deviantart. Honestly, an exaggeration, it has nothing wrong or pornographic.  

Oct 13, 2011

Big Hoo

A quick drawing done yesterday and 100% in the Tablet. I started watching the new drawing and I liked it too. Very well done. The design does not have the same quality, but it was what i said, is a quick drawing, just to unwind. I intend to do many others. Sorry my English, guys.

Oct 3, 2011